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Jacques Sternberg introduces him to a recently founded news weekly, Le Point. Jean-Noël Gurgand, who already knows Gourmelin’s work, warmly welcomes him and immediately solicits his contribution, which will last 13 years.

As Le Point’s top correspondent, it is Jean-Noël Gurgand who imposes Gourmelin as the creator of ‘impossible’ illustrations. When a picture cannot be found to complement an article, Gourmelin is asked to do a drawing, and he never fails to come up with something that solves the problem. When Jean-Noël Gurgand leaves Le Point, Walter Lewino takes over and introduces Jean Gourmelin to a field which he had never previously explored: game illustrations and rebus conception.

Game conceived by Gourmelin in the summer games supplement of Le Point, August 1977, issue n°255

Rebus conceived by Gourmelin in the summer games supplement of Le Point, July 1977, issue n°253

Illustrated cover by Gourmelin. Le Point, October 1984, issue n°631

Rebus drawing: « c’est pas demain la veille » (without the i) (that won’t happen in a hurry)

Rebus drawing: « chaque 1 pour soi, dix œufs pour tous » (every man for himself and God for us all)

« Science : the Role of Dreams », watercolor published in Le Point, January 1984, issue n°592
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