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At the same time as an exhibition at La Galère art gallery, a new collection of drawings is published by André Balland: Chance (Le Hasard). In the preface Gourmelin writes: ‘Chance has shared a few secrets with me. It has strongly insisted on its tenderness towards us, its curiosity, even passion, regarding our efforts, our attempts to control it, channel it and thus subject it to our laws. Chance: if I have understood the message, we should never feel resentful when, with stroke of its paw, it upsets or wrecks our projects and most elaborate theories.’

During that year he also draws La Grande Trouille (The Big Fright) film sets and costumes, directed by Pierre Grunstein and shot for the most part in the orangery of Meudon castle.

La Grande Trouille (The Big Fright), 1975 © Picture Jean-Michel Schmitt.

Le Hasard (Chance), 1975, Balland.